Perfect fit

Our puppy purchased is a perfect fit. He loves to play, snuggle, and came truly potty trained. He is like a little therapy dog. He fit right into the family. We are very lucky to have him.

Great job!

Luke Medvegy

Just the sweetest!!

Thank you so much for raising puppies that are so well tempered! Bella(Holly) has fit right in with pur 2 other pups!! She is so much fun to have around!



The day I adopted opal I fell in love with her… she’s so adorable… the day I picked her up from the airport I just want to spent all my time with her she so adorable and my family loves her she doing perfectly fine… she’s healthy and So intelligent., She learn so quick I all-ready teach her simply steps like sit,hello,stay,lay down and she learn so fast… we just love her. Just want to say thank u to the Mohican puppy family to give us what we want thank u



We got our beautiful golden retriever Hope in March 2020. Our vet told us she was a very good breed. She is healthy, came already micro chipped and all of her shots. The breeder was awesome to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for a new fur baby addition.

Debbie Sexton

Finn (AKA Max)

So happy we our choice to go through Mohican. Best puppy I could’ve asked for!

Christiana desautel

Pomsky Puppy – CoCo

7/2/2020 We picked up our 8 week old female Pomsky (CoCo) today. We had a great see ride home, with 6 wonderful hours of bonding time. She took the long ride very well for a puppy who had previously only been on a short ride to the vet. We bought a stuffed animal with a small battery operated heart, which replicates the sound and feel of the mom/pack heartbeat. It calms and soothes her overnight. During the first week, we set a 2 hour timer to take her outside overnight. During the second week, we set it for every 3 hours.
Week three, CoCo’s starting to get taller and she’s now playing fetch (sort of). We throw the stick, she gets it, but most often forgets to bring it back to us. She has already learned to sit and stay. It’s now four weeks since we fell in love with our puppy CoCo.  She brings us joy and laughter all day and night.  She has started sleeping for 5 hours at a time overnight, so fewer overnight trips outside. Her favorite chew toy is my husband’s gardening crocs, which are amazingly indestructible.  During the day, she plays for a couple hours and then naps for a couple hours. It’s now 6 weeks of joy, and we are amazed that CoCo is sleeping for 8 hours overnight. She’s still eating well and she plays fetch AND return with a ball or a small chew toy. Thanks Leroy and Mohican Family Puppies for such a happy, soft, sweet, and cuddly little bundle of joy!!

Barbara Steveson

Lulabell is my best friend!

We adopted Lulu in July 2022. We drove down from Youngstown, Ohio after carefully searching for our perfect golden retriever. She is obedient, sweet, funny, and loves to accompany me on daily walks through the woods. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. She truly is my best friend.

Danielle Deal

Cutest little bundle

Working with Leroy was easy! He was very honest and upfront. In our conversations I learned about him and his pack. I was able to choose my puppy based on facts – I knew my pup came from a healthy line and a knowledgeable animal lover!

We couldn’t be happier with our little Taz! 6 months old- embark tested and cleared! 10 lbs of pomsky perfection!

Robin Schmit

Pleasant Experience!

It was a nice and pleasant experience with Leroy. He was very helpful and upfront about the process, making it extremely efficient. Our Pomsky puppy came healthy, energetic, and happy. Thank you Leroy!

Celia Ding

Excellent puppies!

We came all the way from Colorado to get our puppy, and we couldn’t be more happy with him! He is almost 6 months old now, and the older he has gotten the nicer his coat has become and the more beautiful the markings have turned. His personality is amazing! He’s full of energy and excitement, but the moment you pick him up he is mellow and content.
We were so impressed with the quality of Leroy’s dogs and his care for them. It is obvious they are well cared for and are handled regularly. All the puppies were so well socialized; they were just sweet and delightful.
Leroy worked with us answering all our questions and working with us even after we came home. I would buy another puppy from them in a heartbeat and hope to eventually do so! I wouldn’t even hesitate to have them ship one to me which I have never even considered before. But their quality of dogs and puppies and they’re care and concern have earned my trust and future business.

Tonia Schmidt

Great pup <3

I got Riceball exactly one year ago. No health problem, perfect temper, and very very beautiful. Thank you Leroy for a great experience and such a lovely pup. I’m in MA and you could ask for reference from Leroy if you’d like. 🙂

Zhu Lyu

Full of Love..

Nikki..His name of Nikki when I saw him first time and I was like How come boy name is Nikki?? well but Now he is My NIV. and since then he is just traveling with Me. From Ohio to Colorado. To Chicago to India …..and go on. He is the strongest and his is the best. He teach Me something that no one could ever able to teach Me .. and now I just can’t live without him.. it’s been almost 2 years now he is with Me.. without any complaints without any demand. just one condition that He always wanted to be with Me at all the times. and I have not thought that when I got him that he will be this important part of My Life. I Love Him very much. and Everyday I am so grateful that He is with Me. and I will always love Him more and more with each passing day. Thank you so much.

Priya Bhavsar

Perfect Pup


We came to get a golden in August. Leroy was very accommodating with the pick-up time and day since we were driving 2 hours.
She had all of her vaccines, was chipped, and looked as pictured.
6+ months later she’s absolutely perfect. Very happy, healthy, and learned so quickly!
Definitely would send anyone interested.

Jordan Reinke

Love at first sight!

2020 was a difficult year for our beautiful 20yr old daughter, College was placed on hold (ZOOM classes only? For big $$$, NO!) Social distancing robed her from enjoying a simple gathering with friends, no meeting’s at Cafe’s, Night Clubs, Bars and Gyms were forbidden etc…. In short, she was lonely, miserable, depressed and a bit angry. So as her Mom, I knew she needed an unconditional friend….That is when, after extensive research I came upon the MOHICANFAMILYPUPPIES.COM website. And, their she was, love at first site!!!The Pomsky puppy named (Arrow). Leroy Yoder, the owner was professional and lovely to talk with. Transportation to NY was clean and simple. So, Just in time (Arrow) was there Christmas morning waiting for our daughter, tears come to my eyes, now. (Arrow) was perfect! Happy, healthy and full of love! She just drove off with (Arrow) in her lap, happy and smiling because all is good in her world with (Arrow) by her side. Thank You Leroy Yoder!!

Alexandra Kozakiewicz

LOVE my puppy

After my beloved 16 year old Pomeranian passed, my husband fulfilled his promise from when we were dating, a Pomsky named Wrigley (after my favorite place in the world to see concerts).
He and my sister found Mohican Family Puppies online and we fell in love with a baby originally named Toby.
When we called Mr Yoder to discuss becoming Wrigley’s parents, he was so kind and informative. He even sent videos so we could see the beautiful pup in action. We had to wait a few days (which seemed like an eternity) to pick up Wrigley as he wasn’t quite 8 weeks yet, and when we (finally) arrived to meet him, the experience couldn’t have been more perfect.
The puppy play area was so beautiful, it almost seemed a shame to take Wrigley away. We got to see his mom, a gorgeous and happy Husky. Again, Mr Yoder was so kind, answering all my questions, which were many. We received all of the shot information, puppy food, microchip information and a one year health guarantee. I’ve never “purchased” a puppy so this may be the norm, but even not knowing what to expect, I felt as if Mr Yoder went the extra mile and truly cared about the puppies and the “new parents”.
Wrigley is now almost 10 months old and he’s absolutely fantastic!! He’s every bit the intelligent, sassy, stubborn, curious and ornery Pomsky that you’d read about, but his loving nature is unlike any dog I’ve ever met. I absolutely attribute this to his amazing bloodline.
I my husband would let me, I would be a frequent at Mohican Family Puppies to create my own pack of many many Pomskys. I would absolutely and proudly recommend Mohican Family Puppies to anyone who would ask, in fact, I would proudly recommend to anyone who didn’t ask.
I cannot thank Mr Yoder and Mohican Family Puppies enough for providing me the most perfect “medicine” I needed.

Andrea Halsted