Excellent puppies!

We came all the way from Colorado to get our puppy, and we couldn’t be more happy with him! He is almost 6 months old now, and the older he has gotten the nicer his coat has become and the more beautiful the markings have turned. His personality is amazing! He’s full of energy and excitement, but the moment you pick him up he is mellow and content.
We were so impressed with the quality of Leroy’s dogs and his care for them. It is obvious they are well cared for and are handled regularly. All the puppies were so well socialized; they were just sweet and delightful.
Leroy worked with us answering all our questions and working with us even after we came home. I would buy another puppy from them in a heartbeat and hope to eventually do so! I wouldn’t even hesitate to have them ship one to me which I have never even considered before. But their quality of dogs and puppies and they’re care and concern have earned my trust and future business.

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