Full of Love..

Nikki..His name of Nikki when I saw him first time and I was like How come boy name is Nikki?? well but Now he is My NIV. and since then he is just traveling with Me. From Ohio to Colorado. To Chicago to India …..and go on. He is the strongest and his is the best. He teach Me something that no one could ever able to teach Me .. and now I just can’t live without him.. it’s been almost 2 years now he is with Me.. without any complaints without any demand. just one condition that He always wanted to be with Me at all the times. and I have not thought that when I got him that he will be this important part of My Life. I Love Him very much. and Everyday I am so grateful that He is with Me. and I will always love Him more and more with each passing day. Thank you so much.

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