LOVE my puppy

After my beloved 16 year old Pomeranian passed, my husband fulfilled his promise from when we were dating, a Pomsky named Wrigley (after my favorite place in the world to see concerts).
He and my sister found Mohican Family Puppies online and we fell in love with a baby originally named Toby.
When we called Mr Yoder to discuss becoming Wrigley’s parents, he was so kind and informative. He even sent videos so we could see the beautiful pup in action. We had to wait a few days (which seemed like an eternity) to pick up Wrigley as he wasn’t quite 8 weeks yet, and when we (finally) arrived to meet him, the experience couldn’t have been more perfect.
The puppy play area was so beautiful, it almost seemed a shame to take Wrigley away. We got to see his mom, a gorgeous and happy Husky. Again, Mr Yoder was so kind, answering all my questions, which were many. We received all of the shot information, puppy food, microchip information and a one year health guarantee. I’ve never “purchased” a puppy so this may be the norm, but even not knowing what to expect, I felt as if Mr Yoder went the extra mile and truly cared about the puppies and the “new parents”.
Wrigley is now almost 10 months old and he’s absolutely fantastic!! He’s every bit the intelligent, sassy, stubborn, curious and ornery Pomsky that you’d read about, but his loving nature is unlike any dog I’ve ever met. I absolutely attribute this to his amazing bloodline.
I my husband would let me, I would be a frequent at Mohican Family Puppies to create my own pack of many many Pomskys. I would absolutely and proudly recommend Mohican Family Puppies to anyone who would ask, in fact, I would proudly recommend to anyone who didn’t ask.
I cannot thank Mr Yoder and Mohican Family Puppies enough for providing me the most perfect “medicine” I needed.

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