Pomsky Puppy – CoCo

7/2/2020 We picked up our 8 week old female Pomsky (CoCo) today. We had a great see ride home, with 6 wonderful hours of bonding time. She took the long ride very well for a puppy who had previously only been on a short ride to the vet. We bought a stuffed animal with a small battery operated heart, which replicates the sound and feel of the mom/pack heartbeat. It calms and soothes her overnight. During the first week, we set a 2 hour timer to take her outside overnight. During the second week, we set it for every 3 hours.
Week three, CoCo’s starting to get taller and she’s now playing fetch (sort of). We throw the stick, she gets it, but most often forgets to bring it back to us. She has already learned to sit and stay. It’s now four weeks since we fell in love with our puppy CoCo.  She brings us joy and laughter all day and night.  She has started sleeping for 5 hours at a time overnight, so fewer overnight trips outside. Her favorite chew toy is my husband’s gardening crocs, which are amazingly indestructible.  During the day, she plays for a couple hours and then naps for a couple hours. It’s now 6 weeks of joy, and we are amazed that CoCo is sleeping for 8 hours overnight. She’s still eating well and she plays fetch AND return with a ball or a small chew toy. Thanks Leroy and Mohican Family Puppies for such a happy, soft, sweet, and cuddly little bundle of joy!!

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